Technological developments disrupt Cambodia’s real estate industry

Bunthoeun Chhut 15/May/2020 14:54

Technology development is changing Cambodia real estate industry landscape, easing the process for businesses and operators in the sector and creating new opportunities for property owners, industry insiders said.

Neak Samsen, co-founder of RENTKH.COM, a search portal for property rental service through Mobile App and website, said that the advancement of technology has solved many issues in real estate sector, saving time and cost compare to traditional transactions practice.

He added that with the modernization of technology, people in Cambodia can easier finding properties for rent, thanks to a searching portal like RENTKH.COM’s website or Rentkh App.

“Anyone who has properties for rent can list their property on our site in which it can be listed by the landlord or the real estate agent. For the tenants, they don’t need to waste so much time to travel around and to call, but they can easily sort the type of their preferred property to rent on RENTKH.COM’s website and Mobile App,” said Sam Sen.

Up to now, RENTKH.COM has over 2,000 properties for rent, of which 800 are apartments, 60 office buildings, and 300 villas, and more than 500 rental room. These properties are concentrated in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and RENTKH.COM will soon expand to all provinces in Cambodia.

RENTKH is not the only one that is using technology to change the traditional operation in real estate business. In fact, there are other companies adapting to the evolution of technology to strengthen the competition of their products and services.

Real estate firm Zillennium Co., LTD – a one-stop-shop integrated solution for property-related decision – is developing an App which will give a new way for the user to access to a wide range of properties in Cambodia that match their needs for renting, selling and buying. Zillennium plans to roll out its Z1 app shortly.

When the App will be launched, the mobile app will be the first fully-fledged technology-based real estate solution in Cambodia, with a full range of real estate products and services. This program will help the public to save time, money, and make the right decision in real estate.

(The Z1NEWS will give further update of the Mobile app developed by Zillennium Co., LTD’s)


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